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At SpiffyTech, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet your unique needs, delivering excellence, innovation, and reliability in every solution. Explore our comprehensive offerings designed to elevate your success.

  • Website Designing and Development
  • Android and iOs Apps Development
  • Successfully Providing Business Solution
  • Excellence Records
IBM Maximo

At Spiffytech, we proudly offer specialized services for IBM Maximo, a comprehensive asset management solution. Our dedicated team possesses in-depth expertise in implementing and optimizing Maximo to enhance the efficiency of your asset management processes. From preventive maintenance and inventory control to work order management, our tailored Maximo services ensure seamless integration and optimal utilization of this powerful IBM solution. Partner with Spiffytech to elevate your asset management capabilities, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of IBM Maximo for your business success


At Spiffytech, we take pride in offering specialized services for Rhapsody, a cutting-edge modelling and development environment. Our skilled team excels in leveraging the capabilities of Rhapsody to streamline the design and development of embedded and real-time systems software. From comprehensive modelling to simulation, testing, and code generation, we ensure that our clients harness the full potential Rhapsody for the seamless creation of complex and innovative IT solutions. Partner with us to experience a tailored approach that maximizes the benefits of this powerful tool in your software development endeavours.

Rational Team Concert(RTC)

At Spiffytech, we are committed to elevating your software development experience by providing expert services for Rational Team Concert (RTC). Our seasoned professionals specialize in implementing and customizing RTC to suit the unique needs of your projects. From seamless version control and agile planning to collaborative work item tracking, our tailored RTC solutions ensure that your development teams operate efficiently and cohesively. With a focus on enhancing collaboration and productivity, Spiffytech is your trusted partner for unlocking the full potential of IBM Rational Team Concert in your software development lifecycle.

Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG)

At Spiffytech, we are dedicated to offering specialized services for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG), a powerful requirements management tool. Our expert team excels in implementing and optimizing DNG to streamline the requirements management process for your projects. From capturing and tracing requirements to fostering collaboration among teams, our tailored services ensure that you leverage the full capabilities of Rational DOORS Next Generation. With a focus on enhancing traceability, transparency, and efficiency in the requirements lifecycle, Spiffytech is your trusted partner for comprehensive solutions in requirements management.

ETL Testing

ETL Testing, or Extract, Transform, and Load Testing, is a crucial process, especially for enterprises undergoing data warehouse migration or monitoring initiatives. It ensures systematic testing and mapping of data to achieve seamless integration, preventing potential flaws and bugs. For businesses incorporating business intelligence systems, Spiffytech offers top-notch ETL testing services, including robust ETL automation testing processes.
We concentrate on a range of key areas including,

  • Data Integration Testing
  • Source-to-Target Validation
  • Data Transformation Testing
  • Application Migration Testing
  • Data Quality Testing
Through these focused efforts, we deliver comprehensive solutions to ensure the protection, integrity, and consistency of your valuable data.

Web Services Testing

Web Services Testing poses significant challenges in managing numerous services. At Spiffytech, we introduce an innovative approach to simplify this complexity through API and web service testing, effectively preserving your bottom line. Our process involves a thorough examination of your architecture and the interactions among different services. Leveraging top-notch testing tools, we conduct comprehensive Functional, Security, and Performance testing. Our web service testing services aim to enhance the functionality, performance, scalability, reliability, and security of your web applications.

Mobile & Cloud Testing

In the relentless competition of the business landscape, where staying ahead is crucial for digital success, QA Automated software testing has become indispensable. Collaborating with a proficient testing team is essential to implement automation frameworks with state-of-the-art tools. Spiffytech stands as a trailblazer in test automation services, boasting a decade of experience in delivering these services globally. Our extensive team of testing experts specializes in successfully implementing test automation initiatives, encompassing Tool feasibility study, Framework automation and implementation, Script generation, and End-to-End execution.

Product Development

Crafting innovative products that redefine industries, our seasoned team combines cutting-edge technology with creative thinking to turn your vision into reality. At Spiffytech, we're your partners in product development excellence.

Digital Services

Discover a world of digital solutions tailored to amplify your online presence. Our digital services empower businesses to thrive in the digital era, ensuring a strong online footprint and engaging customer experiences.

Data Structuring

Efficiently organize and harness the power of your data with our expert data structuring services. We create organized, accessible data frameworks that drive insights and informed decision-making for your business.

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